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Improve the timing & efficiency of your deer, goat or sheep breeding season with CIDR G.

Small Ruminant Breeding

Quality genetics are vital to your small ruminant breeding success. If you are breeding deer, sheep, goats or camels embryo transfer and AI help you reach your goals in less time without losing quality genetics. 

If you've invested time, money and energy into developing a sound breeding program you need dependable supplies delivered on time.  We'll help you meet your goals by providing sound product advice and fair pricing. 

You are welcome to browse our online store or you can call us for catalog. Better yet, talk with Tom at 800.367.4016 ext. 1. He'll take the time to get to know you and set you up with the right products for your breeding program. If email works better for you send him one at We look forward to doing business with you.

What type of products does Agtech have for the Goat, Deer, Sheep or Camel breeder?

Semen Collection
Semen Processing