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"I thought the F20 sheath worked and held up equally well as the IMV sheath."

— Dr. Allan Oltjen,
Canyon, TX


“The Agtech sheath is just as durable and as high quality as the IMV sheath with a lower cost.”

—Will Malcolm,
Sleeping Giant Genetics,
Livingston, MT


Agtech Optimum™ Embryo Transfer sheaths

Comparable to the IMV sheath the Agtech Optimum™ embryo transfer sheath costs less, but performs equally as well. The sheath's stainless steel side-delivery port, through which the embryo is expelled, is less likely to become plugged with mucus and debris during the transfer procedure when compared to conventional transfer sheaths. The round smooth sheath tip minimizes uterine trauma during transfer.

Agtech Optimum™ ET sheath

Agtech Sheat

Package of 5 (# F20)
Individually packaged with chemise, package of 25 (# F21)
Equine 0.50cc sheath, individually packaged with chemise, package of 5 (# F22)

To place an order for the Agtech Optimum™ Embryo Transfer Sheaths
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