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Agtech CellSafe Syringes

The Safest 2 Part Syringe Available

  • Acentric tip minimizes bubbles transferred with medium.
  • 2 part, All Plastic is perfect for embryo work.
  • Peace of mind knowing your embryos are safe from toxins because CellSafe Syringes are Mouse Embryo Assay & Human Sperm Survival Assay Certified.
  • Endotoxin level <0.5EU/ml (<5.0EU/kg).
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 10993-5 In-Vitro-Cytotoxicity Standards.
  • In addition to the low cost they are also the safest syringes for embryo work.

What syringe sizes are available?

Click on a size to be taken to our web store. You may purchase syringes online or call us at 800.367.4016 or 785.776.3863.